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What is informal communication? - Business Studies

Short Note

What is informal communication ?

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Informal communication refers to the communication that flows without following the formal defined path. An informal communication system is also known as grapevine. Under informal communication, a piece of information flows in all directions without paying any heed to the level or authority. It arises out of social interactions among the employees and then spreads throughout the organisation. It can take the form of a rumour or a gossip. For example, a talk over lunch regarding the attitude of a senior is an informal communication. It is difficult to determine the source of such information. Moreover, the actual talk may even get distorted and the final piece of information may come out to be much different from the original one.

Concept: Formal and Informal Communication
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NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Part 1 - Principles and Functions of Management
Chapter 7 Directing
Very Short Answer | Q 1 | Page 205
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