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What Important Information is Furnished About the Nucleus of an Atom by the Alpha Particle Scattering Experiment of Rutherford? - Science

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What important information is furnished about the nucleus of an atom by the alpha particle scattering experiment of Rutherford?

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Some important facts about the nucleus of an atom gathered after Rutherford's alpha- particle scattering experiment are –
1. The scattering of alpha particles was due to the repulsion from a positively charged centre in the gold foil.
2. The heavy central part of the atom was called nucleus. The nucleus of an atom is positively charged and is extremely hard and dense.
3. The nucleus of an atom is very small as compared to the size of an atom as a whole and is concentrated in the centre of an atom.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Chemistry - Science Part 2
Chapter 4 Structure of the Atom
Short Answer Type Questions | Q 31 | Page 192
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