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What is important of Feedback in communication process?



Feedback is the final component and one of the important factors in the process of communication.
It is defined as the response given by the receiver to the sender.
The sender needs response of the receiver in order to decide effectiveness of communication.
Feedback can be negative or positive. Positive feedback indicates that the sender can continue his communication in the same manner as before. Negative feedback on the other hand, indicates a need for a change in the manner of communication.
The feedback tells the sender many things such as whether the message is received successfully or not, whether the receiver liked it or not, whether the choice of channel/medium was appropriate etc.
If the appropriate feedback is given by the receiver to the sender, then the sender can modify, remodel, his strategy of communication.
There are different types of feedbacks. These are
Negative feedback
Deliberate positive
Deliberate negative
Immediate feedback
Delayed feedback
No feedback
No feedback is also feedback in itself. It would indicate disagreement or a reluctant acceptance of ideas.
Feedback can also be verbal or non-verbal. A smile would be a positive non-verbal feedback, whereas a frown would indicate a negative feedback.
Each type of feedback has its own features and messages hidden inside them for the sender.

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