What Happens at the Synapse Between Two Neurons? - Science

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 What happens at the synapse between two neurons?

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Solution 1

A synapse is the gap between the two neurons. At synapse the electrical signals converted into chemicals that can easily cross over the gap and pass on to the next neurons where it again converted into electrical signals.

Solution 2

A very small gap that occurs between the last portion of axon of one neuron and the dendrite of the other neuron is known as a synapse. It acts as a one way valve to transmit impulses in one direction only.

This one-directional transfer of impulses occurs as the chemicals are produced in only one side of the neuron i.e., the axon’s side. From axon, the impulses travel across the synapse to the dendrite of the other neuron.

Solution 3

A nerve impulse, on reaching the terminal end of an axon, releases chemicals called neurotransmitters at its tip. These chemicals cross the synapse and start the impulse in the next neuron or to an effector organ.

Concept: Human Nervous System
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Chapter 2: Control and Coordination - Exercise 2 [Page 117]


Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 2 Control and Coordination
Exercise 2 | Q 56.2 | Page 117
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