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What is grating and grating element? - Applied Physics 2

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Short Note

What is grating and grating element? 

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1.A grating is an arrangement consisting of a large number of parallel slits of same width and separated by equal opaque spaces.

2.It is obtained by ruling equidistant parallel lines on a glass plate with the help of a diamond.
3.The lines act as opaque spaces and the incident light cannot pass through them.The space between the two lines is transparent to light and acts as a slit.
4.The spacing between the lines is of the order of wavelength of visible light.The number of a lines in a plane transmission grating is of the order of 15000 to 20000 per inch.
5. The width of each slit is a and opaque spacing between two consecutive slits is. b.
6.(a+b) is called grating element or grating constant.
7.It can be seen that distance between two consecutive slits is grating element. 

Concept: Diffraction Grating
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