What is the Function of Receptors in Our Body? Think of Situations Where Receptors Do Not Work Properly. What Problems Are Likely to Arise? - Science

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What is the function of receptors in our body? Think of situations where receptors do not work properly. What problems are likely to arise?

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Functions of receptors:
→ They sense the external stimuli such as heat or pain.
→ They also trigger an impulse in the sensory neuron which sends message to the spinal cord.

When the receptors are damaged, the external stimuli transferring signals to the brain are not felt. For example, in the case of damaged receptors, if we accidentally touch any hot object, then our hands might get burnt as damaged receptors cannot perceive the external stimuli of heat and pain.

Concept: Human Nervous System
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Chapter 7: Control and Coordination - Exercises [Page 126]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 7 Control and Coordination
Exercises | Q 4 | Page 126

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