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What is a Fire Extinguisher ? What is the Substance Used in the Modern Type of Fire Extinguishers ? - Chemistry

What is a fire extinguisher ? What is the substance used in the modern type of fire extinguishers ? How is it an improvement over the soda acid-type and the foam-type fire extinguishers ?

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Fire Extinguisher— Fire extinguishers are a device in which carbon dioxide is produced in different forms for use as the extinguishing agent. It is a modem type of fire extinguisher in which liquid carbon dioxide is stored in a steel cylinder under pressure. Soda-acid and foam types of extinguisher cannot be used for extinguishing fire as they prepared in water, which conducts electricity and there can be short circuiting, causing another fire.

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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 9 Carbon and Its Compounds
Exercise III | Q 5 | Page 148
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