What factors determine social health? - Science and Technology 2

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Long Answer

What factors determine social health?

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The factors that determine or affect social health are as follows:

  1. The ability of a person to establish relationships with other persons in the society is known as social health.
  2. The main factors which disturb the social health of an individual are:
    a. Mental stress
    b. Addiction
    c. Incurable diseases
    d. Excessive use of modern technology
  3. Apart from these the other factors which affect the social health are:
    a. Education and financial status of people.
    b. Number of gardens and play grounds in the vicinity.
    c. Social and physical conditions of the surroundings.
    d. The type of residential area.
    e. Provision of water and availability of toilets
    f. Political conditions (views)
    g. Social treatment of people
    h. Social safety
    i. Transport facilities
    j. Education and job opportunities
    k. Fulfillment of basic needs of people including food, clothing, shelter and medicines.
Concept: Social Health
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