What is the Electric Flux Through a Cube of Side 1 Cm Which Encloses an Electric Dipole? - Physics

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What is the electric flux through a cube of side 1 cm which encloses an electric dipole?

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As per the Gauss's law of electrostatics, electric flux through a closed surface is given by

`phi_E=ointvecE.vec(ds)=Q/epsilon_0 `

 E = Electrostatic field

Q = Total charge enclosed by the surface
∮E=∮E→.ds→=0ε0=0" role="presentation" style="position: relative;">∮E=∮E→.ds→=0ε0=0

0 = Absolute electric permittivity of free space

In the given case, cube encloses an electric dipole. Therefore, the total charge enclosed by the cube is zero, i.e. Q = 0.

Therefore, from (i), we have


Concept: Electric Flux
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