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What Efforts Are Undertaken to Bring Transparency in Political Process? - History and Political Science

Short Note

What efforts are undertaken to bring transparency in political process?

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Solution 1

One of the most important benefits of democracy is that it helps to bring about good and effective governance in an impeccable manner. Transparency and accountability are fixed at different levels of the administrative machinery.

For instance, one of the most important aspect of the development is to transfer government funds directly into the account of the poor and needy.

It will go a long way in improving the social and economic status of the have not’s in the society.

Transparancy in Political Process
Points :

• strict punishments to criminals
• restriction in entry in political to criminals
• controlling corruption
• cotrolling ill practices in elections

Solution 2

i) After the year 2000, the whole approach towards democratic reforms has changed.
ii) Democratic reforms are considered as ‘rights’ of citizens.
iii) Accordingly, citizens in India have got Right to Information, education and food security. These rights
have strengthened democracy in India.

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