What does the next picture show? What will be the effect? - Science and Technology 2

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What does the next picture show? What will be the effect?



  1. The picture shows a man taking selfies on the road also known as selfiecide.
  2. Effect: Taking selfies on road may lead to severe injuries or death, as the person becomes so engrossed in clicking selfie that he is not aware about the world around him.
Concept: Social Health
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Chapter 9: Social Health - Solve the following questions



IT Act 2000 is to control the.......................

Fill in the blank with appropriate word.
Alcohol consumption mainly affects -- -- -- -- system.

Solve the following cross-word:

  1. Continuous consumption of alcoholic and tobacco-materials.
  2. This app may cause the cyber crimes. 
  3. A remedy to resolve stress.
  4. Requirement for stress free life.
  5. Various factors affect ______ health.
  6. Art of preparing food items.

Give three examples
Diseases endangering the social health.

Give three examples of Physical problems arising due to excessive use of mobile phones.

What will you do? Why?

You are spending more time in internet/mobile games, phone, etc.

Alcohol consumption mainly affects the ______________ system.

Our ___________ has been changed to some extent in the age of technology.

Find an odd one out.

Factors disturbing/affecting the social health

Write the names of two chronic diseases.

Give scientific reason.

Nowadays school children have to deal with mental stress.

Complete the following concept chart.

Write a short note.


Complete the following.

(lungs, carcinogenic, nervous system, useful, deadly, addiction, intoxicating)

Children in their early age try upon tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc. due to either peer-group pressure or symbol of high standard living or as an imitation of elders. However, it may lead to _______ to such _______ substances. Temporarily _______ drugs of plant origin and some chemicals may permanently damage the human _______, muscle system, heart, etc. Earlier, we have studied the _______ effect of tobacco containing substances on mouth and ______.

What does the next picture mean?

Write answers to the questions based on the paragraph.

Social health is the ability of a person to establish relationships with other persons. Ability to change one’s own behaviour according to changing social conditions is an important characteristic of social health. A socially healthy person can also cope with a variety of social situations. Can behave appropriately and be adaptable to changing circumstances. Your spouse can match such people with your co-workers and form good relationships. All of these relationships require good communication. It is important to have empathy and a sense of responsibility for each other. On the other hand, there are negative shades like jealousy, revenge, and loneliness. If there is tension in the relationship, healthy relationships will not be formed. Stress management, planning appropriate measures e.g. Regular exercise, deep breathing, and a positive attitude can improve social health.

  1. What is social health?
  2. What qualities are needed to build good social relationships?
  3. Which vices have negative consequences?
  4. What measures would you take for stress management?
  5. Give two examples of negative shades.

What factors determine social health?

What are the changes in a person due to constant contact with the internet, mobile, phone?


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