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What Does Mandela Mean When He Says He is “Simply the Sum of All Those African Patriots”, Who Had Gone before Him ? - English - Language and Literature

What does Mandela mean when he says he is “simply the sum of all those African patriots”, who had gone before him ?

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By saying that he is simply the sum of all those African patriots, Mandela wants to pay his tribute to all the people who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom. He says that he is grateful to those who had gone before him because those heroes of past had paved the path of co-operation and unity for him. Therefore, he could try to come to power to bring equality for his people with their support.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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NCERT Class 10 English First Flight
Chapter 2.1 Nelson Mandela:Long Walk to Freedom
Q 2 | Page 24
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