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What Do You Think the Last Two Lines of the Poem Mean? (Looking Back, Does the Poet Regret His Choice Or Accept It?) - English - Language and Literature

Short Note

Thinking about the poem

What do you think the last two lines of the poem mean? (Looking back, does the poet regret his choice or accept it?)

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The last two lines of the poem mean the acceptance of reality. The poet made a choice and accepted the challenging path. He took an unexplored path in his life. He wanted to do something different, so he chooses the less travelled road. He is not disappointed by his decision. For a common man, the phrase reflects the everyday dilemma one must face to make different choices. No matter, how far the choices take a man in life, one shouldn’t regret not taking the other path and wondering if life could have been better than what it is.

Concept: Reading
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NCERT Beehive for Class 9 English
Chapter 1.2 The Road Not Taken (poem)
Q 1.4 | Page 16
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