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What Do You Observe When, Barium Chloride Solution is Mixed with Sodium Sulphate Solution ? - Chemistry

Short Note

What do you observe when, barium chloride solution is mixed with sodium sulphate solution ?

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\[\ce{\underset{\text{(aq.)}}{BaCl2} +\underset{\text{(aq.)}}{Na2So4}->\underset{\text{(ppt.)}}{BaSO4}+\underset{\text{(aq.)}}{2NaCl}}\]

We will observe that a white insoluble solid (precipitate) of barium sulphate is formed along with a solution of sodium chloride. Wait for ten minutes to complete the reaction and the solid formed to settle down.
Weigh the content again and note the reading.
We will observe that,
total mass of the apparatus + reactants = total mass of apparatus + products
Hence the law of conservation of mass is verified.

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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 1 Matter
Exercise | Q 6.2 | Page 11
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