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What Do You Mean by Transmission and Distribution Losses? How Can They Be Reduced? - Economics

Answer in Brief

What do you mean by transmission and distribution losses? How can they be reduced?

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Electric power transmission and distribution losses refer to the losses that occur in transmission between the sources of supply and points of distribution. In other words, the loss of power that arises due to the inherent resistance and transformation inefficiencies in the electrical conductors and distribution transformers respectively are called transmission and distribution losses. 

The following measures should be taken to reduce power transmission and distribution losses;

i. Improved technology of transmission and distribution should be used.

ii. Electricity distribution network should be privatised. This willinfuse efficiency, thereby, eliminating wastages.

iii. Theft cases of electricity should be handled strictly by the trustworthy employees. Strict imposition of fines and penalties should be imposed.

Concept: Energy
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NCERT Class 12 Economics - Indian Economic Development
Chapter 8 Infrastructure
Exercise | Q 8 | Page 159
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