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What Do You Mean by Internal and External Communication. Explained Internal Communication. - Communication Skills

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Answer in Brief

What do you mean by internal and external communication. Explained Internal communication. 

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effective communication is the life blood off every organization. Information close in all directions within and outside or organization for the smoke running of routine task.
Internal communication involves the exchange of information, message, fact, opinion, etc., Between remember oven organization for business purpose. external communication in Walters sharing off information between an organization and are there external organization or individual outside its formal structure.
Internal communication could be either formal or informal . Formal communication could be three dimensional
1. Vertical upward (subordinate to Superiors)
Downward (superiors to subordinate)
2. Horizontal between peers or employees of equal status.
3. Diagonal free flow of communication without due emphasis on hierarchy to facilitate quick decision making.
Informal communication or grapevine consists of unofficial communication, considered as the barometer of the morale of the employees of an organization and is inversely proportionate ( thicker the grapevine, lesser the morale).

Internal communication works to establish and disseminate goals, plans, task, organizational progress, selection appraisal etc., And use media such as circular , notice ,memo, e-mail , meeting, presentations etc.

Concept: Language Skills in Communication Theory
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