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What is the Difference Between Thigmotropism and Thigmonasty? Name One Plant Which Exhibits Thigmotropism and One Plant Which Exhibits Thigmonasty. What Behaviour (Or Responses) of These Plants Make You Think that They Exhibit Thigmotropism and Thigmonasty Respectively? - Science

 What is the difference between thigmotropism and thigmonasty? Name one plant which exhibits thigmotropism and one plant which exhibits thigmonasty. What behaviour (or responses) of these plants make you think that they exhibit thigmotropism and thigmonasty respectively?

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Thigmotropism Thigmonasty
It is a  directional movement of plant parts in response to touch. It is a non-directional movement of plant parts in response to touch.
Example: Bitter gourd Example: Mimosa pudica

Bitter gourd exhibits thigmotropism as its tendrils show directional movement towards the things they happen to touch.
On the other hand, Mimosa pudica exhibits thigmonasty as its leaflets show non-directional movement in response to touch.
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 2 Control and Coordination
Q 37.3 | Page 94
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