What is the Difference Between the Manner in Which Movement Takes Place in a Sensitive Plant and the Movement in Our Legs? - Science

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 What is the difference between the manner in which movement takes place in a sensitive plant and the movement in our legs?

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Movement in sensitive plants Movement in our legs
The movement in a sensitive plant is a response to stimulus(touch) which is a involuntary action. Movement in our legs is a voluntary action.
No special tissue is there for the transfer of information A complete system CNS and PNS is there for the information exchange.
Plant cells do not have specialised protein for movements. Animal cells have specialised protein which help muscles to contract.
Concept: Control and Co-ordination in Animals
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Chapter 7: Control and Coordination - Exercises [Page 126]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 7 Control and Coordination
Exercises | Q 12 | Page 126

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