Department of Pre-University Education, KarnatakaPUC Karnataka Science Class 12
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What is the Difference Between Fibrous Protein and Globular Protein ? - Chemistry

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What is the difference between fibrous protein and globular protein ?

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  Fibrous Proteins Globular Proteins
1. They are fibre-like structures formed by polypeptide chains. Such proteins are held together by strong hydrogen and disulphide bonds. The polypeptide chains in these proteins are folded around themselves, giving these proteins a spherical structure.
2. They are usually insoluble in water. They are usually soluble in water.
3. They are structural proteins. For example, keratin is present in nails and hair, collagen is present in tendons and myosin is present in muscles. They are functional proteins. For example, most enzymes and some hormones like insulin.
Concept: Introduction of Proteins
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