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What Did the Spread of Print Culture in Nineteenth Century India Mean to the Poor. - Social Science

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What did the spread of print culture in nineteenth century India mean to the poor.

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The poor: They benefitted from the spread of print culture in India on account of the availability of low-price books and public libraries. Enlightening essays were written against caste discrimination and its inherent injustices. These were read by people across the country. On the encouragement and support of social reformers, over-worked factory workers set up libraries for self-education, and some of them even published their own works, for example, Kashibaba and his “Chhote Aur Bade Sawal”.

Concept: Print Culture and the Modern World - Growth of Press in Nineteenth Century India
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NCERT Social Science - History India and the Contemporary World 2 Class 10 CBSE
Chapter 5 Print Culture and the Modern World
Q 3.2 | Page 128
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