What Device is Used to Bring the High Voltage Down to Low Voltage of A.C. Current and What is the Principle of Its Working ? - Physics

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A group of students while coming from the school noticed a box marked "Danger H.T. 2200 V" at a substation in the main street. They did not understand the utility of a such a high voltage, while they argued, the supply was only 220 V. They asked their teacher this question the next day. The teacher thought it to be an important question and therefore explained to the whole class.

Answer the following questions:

(i) What device is used to bring the high voltage down to low voltage of a.c. current and what is the principle of its working ?

(ii) Is it possible to use this device for bringing down the high dc voltage to the low voltage? Explain

(iii) Write the values displayed by the students and the teacher.

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(i) The device that is used to bring high voltage down to low voltage of an a.c. current is a transformer. It works on the principle of mutual induction of two windings or circuits. When current in one circuit changes, emf is induced in the neighbouring circuit.

(ii) The transformer cannot convert d.c. voltages because it works on the principle of mutual induction. When the current linked with the primary coil changes, the magnetic flux linked with the secondary coil also changes. This change in flux induces emf in the secondary coil. If we apply a direct current to the primary coil, the current will remain constant. Thus, there is no mutual induction, and hence no emf is induced.

(iii) The value of gaining knowledge and curiosity about learning new things is being displayed by the students. The value of providing good education and undertaking the doubts of students has been displayed by the teacher.

Concept: Transformers
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