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What is a Dam? Why Do We Seek to Build Large Dams? While Building Large Dams, Which Three Main Problems Should Particularly Be Addressed to Maintain Peace Among Local People? Mention Them. - Science

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What is a dam? Why do we seek to build large dams? While building large dams, which three main problems should particularly be addressed to maintain peace among local people? Mention them.

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Dams are manmade structures built with aim to control, collect and divert the flow of water in flowing water bodies.

Some of the uses of building large dams are as following:

  • They are useful in flood control and collection of water for large irrigation projects.
  • They can also be used to harness hydroelectric power.
  • They act as reservoirs of water which can be for supplying water during the lean season.

Some of the major hurdles or issues that crop up during the building of large dams include:

  • Submergence of low lying adjoining areas of ecological, cultural and social importance for the local population
  • Proper rehabilitation of people who have lost there land and livelihood to submergence of their area under the water.
  • Local interest and welfare needs to be taken into consideration while building large dams.
Concept: Water Management (Conservation of Water) - Fresh Water Management
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