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What constitutes the link between one generation and the next?



Gametes constitute the link between one generation and the next. They pass on the paternal and maternal characteristics to the offspring.

Concept: Heredity
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Chapter 4: Heredity and Evolution - Exercise 1 [Page 191]


Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 4 Heredity and Evolution
Exercise 1 | Q 3 | Page 191

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How did Mendel interpret his results to show that traits may be dominant or recessive? Describe briefly.

Define heredity.

List any two contrasting characters other than roundness of pea plants that Mendel used in his experiments with pea plants.

The gene for red hair is recessive to the gene for black hair. What will be the hair colour of a person if he inherits a gene for red hair from his mother and a gene for black hair from his father?

Name the scientist who gave the laws of inheritance.

For his experiments on heredity, Mendel used :
 papaya plants
 potato plants
 pea plants
 pear plants


Only one of the following characteristic of the parents can be inherited by their children. This one is :
(a) deep scar on chin
(b) snub nose
(c) technique of swimming
(d) cut nose

List two differences in tabular form between dominant trait and recessive traits. What percentage/proportion of the plants in the F2 generation/progeny were round, in Mendel's cross between round and wrinkled pea plants?



If we pure-bred tall (dominant) pea plant with pure-bred dwarf (recessive) pea plant we will get pea plants of F1 generation. If we now self-cross the pea plant of F1 generation, then we obtain pea plants of F2 generation.

(a) What do the plants of F2 generation look like?

(b) State the ratio of tall plants to dwarf plants in F2 generation.

(c) State the type of plants not found in F1 generation but appeared in F2 generation, mentioning the reason for the same.

Explain the mechanism of hereditary changes.

Hereditary characters are transferred from parents to offspring by ______ hence they are said to be structural and functional units of heredity.

Define Heredity. Give two examples.

Who is the pioneer of modern genetics?

Write advantages of science of heredity.

____________ refers to the transmission of genetic information from parental generation to next generation.

Which of the following statement is incorrect?

If a round, green seeded pea plant (RR yy) is crossed with wrinkled, yellow seeded pea plant, (rr YY) the seeds produced in F1 generation are

What are the components of the DNA molecule?


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