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What Competencies Are Required for Becoming an Effective Psychologist? - Psychology

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Answer in Brief

What competencies are required for becoming an effective psychologist?

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The competencies which are required for becoming an effective psychologist fall into three broad sections:-

1. General Skills :- These skills are generic in nature and are needed by all psychologists irrespective of their field of specialisation. These skills are essential for all professional psychologists, whether they are working in the field of clinical and health psychology, industrial/organisational, social, educational, or in environmental settings, or are acting as consultants. These skills include personal as well as intellectual skills. It is expected that it will not be proper to provide any form of professional training (in clinical or organisational fields) to students who do not possess these skills.

2. Observational Skills :- A great deal of what psychologists as researchers and practitioners do in the field is to pay attention, watch and listen carefully. They use all the senses, noticing what is seen, heard, smelt, tasted, or touched. A psychologist, thus, is like an instrument that absorbs all sources of information from the environment.

3. Specific Skills :- These skills are core/basic to the field of psychological service. For example, psychologists working in clinical settings need to be trained in various techniques of therapeutic interventions, psychological assessment, and counselling. Similarly, organisational psychologists working in the organisational context need to have skills in assessment, facilitation and consultation, behavioural skills to bring about individual, group, team and organisational development besides research skills, etc. Though, specific skills and competencies are required for a very specialised professional functioning, nonetheless, all skill sets do overlap quite a bit.

Concept: Developing as an Effective Psychologist
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology
Chapter 9 Developing Psychological Skills
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 194
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