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What Characteristics Do You Expect from an Electron-deficient Hydride with Respect to Its Structure and Chemical Reactions? - Chemistry

What characteristics do you expect from an electron-deficient hydride with respect to its structure and chemical reactions?

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Solution 1

An electron-deficient hydride does not have sufficient electrons to form a regular bond in which two electrons are shared by two atoms e.g., B2H6, Al2H6 etc.

These hydrides cannot be represented by conventional Lewis structures. B2H6, for example, contains four regular bonds and two three centered-two electron bond. Its structure can be represented as:

Since these hydrides are electron-deficient, they have a tendency to accept electrons. Hence, they act as Lewis acids.

`B_2H_6 + 2NMe -> 2BH_3. NMe_3`

`B_2H_6 + 2CO -> 2BH_3.CO`


Solution 2

It is expected to be a Lewis acid. They are likely to accept electrons to become stable. They can form coordinate bond with electron rich compound.


Concept: Hydrides - Covalent Or Molecular Hydride
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 9 Hydrogen
Q 9 | Page 289
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