What Change Will Occur in the Current Through It? - Science

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Let the resistance of an electrical component remains constant while the potential difference across the two ends of the component decreases to half of its former value. What change will occur in the current through it?

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According to Ohm’s law
V = IR
⇒ I=V/R …                   (1)
Now Potential difference is decreased to half
∴ New potential difference Vʹ=V/2
Resistance remains constant
So the new current Iʹ = Vʹ/R
= (V/2)/R
= (1/2) (V/R)
= (1/2) I = I/2

Therefore, the amount of current flowing through the electrical component is reduced by half.

Concept: Ohm's Law (V = IR)
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Chapter 12: Electricity - Intext Questions [Page 209]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 12 Electricity
Intext Questions | Q 3 | Page 209

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