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What Can You See in a Completely Dark Room? If You Switch on an Electric Bulb in this Dark Room as a Light Source, Explain How You Could Now See: (A) the Electric Bulb (B) a Piece of White Paper. - Science

What can  you see in a completely dark room? If you switch on an electric bulb in this dark room as a light source, explain how you could now see:
(a) the electric bulb
(b) a piece of white paper. 


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We cannot see anything in a dark room as there is no light present.
(a) We see the electric bulb because it produces light that reaches our eyes directly.
(b) We see a piece of white paper due to the diffused reflection of light from the surface of the paper.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 4 Reflection of Light
Q 23 | Page 174
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