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What is biodiversity?



The variety of life forms found in a particular region forms its biodiversity.

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2014-2015 (March) All India Set 1

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What is meant by biodiversity? List two advantages of conserving forests and wild life.

List four stakeholders which may be helpful in the conservation of forests.

Explain giving example where active involvement of local people lead to efficient management of forest.

We saw in this chapter that there are four main stakeholders when it comes to forests and wildlife. Which among these should have the authority to decide the management of forest produce? Why do you think so?

What will happen if biodiversity of an area is not preserved? Mention one effect of it.

Apart from the availability of forest products, name two other things which are affected by the destruction of forests.

Snakes are killed in large numbers because :
(a) they are very poisonous
(b) they kill rats
(c) their skin is expensive
(d) they damage the crops

Which of the following statement is incorrect?
(a) economic development is linked to environmental conservation
(b) sustainable development meets the current basic human needs and also preserves resources for future generations
(c) sustainable development does not take into consideration the viewpoints of all stakeholders
(d) sustainable development is a long planned and persistent development

Which of the following community in Rajasthan has a religious tenet of conservation of forest and wildlife? 

Among the statements given below select the ones that correctly describe the concept of sustainable development

  1. Planned growth with minimum damage to the environment
  2. Growth irrespective of the extent of damage caused to the environment
  3. Stopping all developmental work to conserve the environment
  4. Growth that is acceptable to all the stakeholders


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