What Are the Three Basic Units in Communication Systems ? - Physics

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What are the three basic units in communication systems ? Write briefly the function of each of these.

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A communication system consists of three basic units:

(i) Transmitter: This unit is used for transmitting the information after modifying it to a suitable form. It basically consists of a transducer that converts signal in any physical form to electrical signal for transmission. After that, the signal is modulated to transmit over long distances.

(ii) Communication channel: This unit carries the modulated signal from the transmitter to the receiver. Transmission lines act as a communication channel in case of telephony, whereas the free space serves the purpose of communication channel in case of the radio communication.

(iii) Receiver: This unit consists of an antenna, which receives the signal, followed by a demodulator, an amplifier and a transducer. The demodulator demodulates the modulated signal, the amplifier boosts up its intensity and the transducer converts it back again from electrical form to the needed physical form.

Concept: Elements of a Communication System
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