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What Are the Two Main Features of Rutherford’S Atomic Model? - Chemistry

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What are the two main features of Rutherford’s atomic model?

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According to Rutherford’s model an atom consists of:

  1. The centrally located nucleus: The nucleus is a centrally located positively charged mass. The entire mass of the atom is concentrated in it. It is the densest part of the atom. Its size is very small as compare to the atom as a whole.
  2. The outer circular orbits: Electrons revolve in circular orbits (shell) in the space available around the nucleus. An atom is electrically neutral i.e., number of protons and electrons present in an atom are equal.
Concept: Concept of Atomic Number
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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 4 Atomic Structure
Exercise | Q 8.1 | Page 52
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