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What are the demerits of plastic? - Science

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What suggestions you will give to members of locality to solve the problem of waste material?

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I will suggest the member of my locality to use biodegradable waste in preparing compost. To take people in confidence, you should make efforts to show the path for preparing compost:
(i) You should select a corner of your locality.
(ii) Dig a pit at open place and ask all the residents to throw their kitchen waste in this pit. Cover the biodegradables in the pit with layers of soil.
(iii) Cover the pit with the mixture of soil and dung.
(iv) After 5-6 weeks, open the pit and show it to the resident of your colony. Also explain that their disposed off material has converted into compost manure.
(v) You can convince RWA (Resident Welfare Associations) to use this manure for colony parks and also in plant pots kept in individual houses for , beautification.

Concept: Man-made Fibre: Plastics
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