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What are the challenges faced by individuals on entry to adulthood?



The challenges faced by individuals on entry to adulthood are as follows:

(i) Career and work

  • The adult gets a new role in responsibility at work.

  • S/he has to adjust to new challenging situations.

  • There are apprehensions regarding different adjustments, proving one’s competence, and coping with expectations of both employers and self.

(ii) Marriage

  • Adults

  • have to make adjustments while entering a marriage relationship and to know their spouse, coping with each other’s likes, dislikes, tastes, and choices.

  • Responsibilities of the home have to be shared if both partners are working.

(iii) Parenthood

  • It is a difficult and stressful transition in young adults.

  • It depends on factors such as the number of children in the family, the availability of social support, and the happiness and unhappiness of the couple.

  • Sometimes single parents have to take the responsibility of bringing up the child.

Concept: Adulthood and Old Age
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