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What are the benefits of a museum? - Social Science

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What are the benefits of a museum?



  1. Museums are community centres designed to inform and teach the public.
  2. The educational benefit of a museum is academic learning.
  3. Museums are the caretakers of history as much as they offer connections to history.
  4. Museums are full of stories, and it is interesting for students to hear these stories.
  5. Museums offer opportunities for children to compare and contrast leading to critical thinking skills.
  6. Children’s curiosity comes out in the form of questions.
  7. Students are exposed to new ideas and concepts.
  8. Museums inspire students to wonder, imagine and dream Of possibilities that are beyond what they know.
  9. Students are exposed to opportunities that spark creative moments.
Concept: History : a Science that Tells Us About Events in the Past
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Chapter 1.1: What is History? - Exercise [Page 116]


Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 6th Social Science Term 1 Answers Guide
Chapter 1.1 What is History?
Exercise | Q VII. 5 | Page 116

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