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What Are the Rules for Goal Setting? - Entrepreneurship

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Answer in Brief

What are the rules for goal setting?

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The rules of goal setting are:

  1. Relevant: To be relevant, a business goal has to be profitable in some fashion. Every business goal has to be measurable in rupees, and must possess a clear advantage to the specific business.
  2. Actionable: When we’re setting business goals, we have to be sure that we have developed them from general statements. Goals without action plans are just pretty words.
  3. Achievable stretches: The purpose of business goals is to move the businesses forward. If expectations are set too high, we set up for failure and disappointment. If the expectations are set too low then we won’t get enough satisfaction or recognition from the accomplishment.
    A goal has to stretch us to be worth doing.
Concept: Goal–Setting and Smart Goals
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CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Textbook
Chapter 3 Enterprise Marketing
Short Answers (exceed 50 words) | Q 1 | Page 138
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