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What Are the Problems of the Handloom Industry? - Geography

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What are the problems of the Handloom industry?

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The handloom industry faces several problems which retard its growth. The problems may be summarized as follows:
(i) Lack of Good Raw Materials: The quantity, quality and availability of raw material is very unreliable and unsatisfactory.
(ii) Lack of Technical Knowledge: The craftsmen are poor and lacking in technical knowledge to modernize their equipment.
(iii) Lack of Capital and Credit Facilities: There are no proper facilities for cheap credit.
(iv) Outdated Looms: The looms are outdated and the products do not satisfy the changing tastes and fashions.
(v) Competition from mill-made cloth: The khadi and handloom products face stiff competition from mill-made cloth.
(vi) Maintenance of Standard Quality: The industry is unable to maintain the standard and quality of its products.
(vii) Maintenance of time schedule: The marketing of Khadi and handloom products is not organised.

Concept: Agro Based Industry - Sugar, Textile (Cotton and Silk)
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 9 Industries in India: Agro Based Industries
Long Questions | Q 8
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