What Are the Possible Expressions for the Dimensions of the Cuboids Whose Volumes Are Given Below? - Mathematics

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What are the possible expressions for the dimensions of the cuboids whose volumes are given below?

Volume : 12ky2 + 8ky – 20k
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Volume of cuboid = Length × Breadth × Height

The expression given for the volume of the cuboid has to be factorised. One of its factors will be its length, one will be its breadth, and one will be its height.

12ky2 8k– 204k(3y2 2– 5)

                            = 4k(3y2 5– 3– 5)

                            = 4k[y(35– 1(35)]

                            = 4k(35)(– 1)

Possible expression for length = 4k

Possible expression for breadth = (3y +5)

Possible expression for height = (y -1)

Concept: Algebraic Identities
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Chapter 2: Polynomials - Exercise 2.5 [Page 50]


NCERT Class 9 Maths
Chapter 2 Polynomials
Exercise 2.5 | Q 16.2 | Page 50

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