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What Are Plant Hormones? Name the Plant Hormones Responsible for the Following: (I) Growth of Stem (Ii) Promotion of Cell Division (Iii) Inhibition of Growth (Iv) Elongation of Cells - The Tropic Movements in Plants

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Short Note

Answer the following question.
What are plant hormones? Name the plant hormones responsible for the following:
(i) Growth of stem
(ii) Promotion of cell division
(iii) Inhibition of growth
(iv) Elongation of cells

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In plants, growth, development, and response to the environment are controlled and coordinated by a special class of chemical substances known as phytohormones. They are naturally occurring organic substances which are synthesized in minute quantities. These hormones are produced in one part of the plant body and are translocated to other parts. For example, a hormone produced in the roots is translocated to other parts where they are required.
(i) Gibberellins
(ii) Cytokinins
(iii)  Abscisic acid
(iv) Auxins

Concept: The Tropic Movements in Plants
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