What Are the Measures to Control the Global Warming? - Environmental Studies


What are the measures to control the global warming?



1. Plant maximum number of trees as they releases oxygen and absorbs CO2 present in atmosphere. In this way a tree balance the temperature of air and reduces the amount of CO2 present in air.

2. Vehicles release many harmful gases in the air. Hence try to drive those cars which run on gas or electricity. If possible minimize the use of personal vehicle and travel by public transport. This way we can also control the problem of pollution.

3. Use fans more than air conditioners to use less energy. Hot air releases from air conditioner is one of the major factor behind global warming.

4. Avoid to use water heater or use that on temperature lesser than 120 F.

5. Instead of dryers take an advantage of sun light to dry wet cloths.

6. Unplug all the electrical appliances if they are not in use.

7. For less amount of carbon emission we can also use renewable energy like wind power which generate negligible amount of harmful gases.

8. 8. Use recyclable materials instead of disposable materials. This is good to control on waste.

Concept: Sources of Air Pollution
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