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What Are the Major Functions of Unicef? - History and Civics

Answer in Brief

What are the major functions of UNICEF?

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(i) It provides services in primary health, nutrition, family and child welfare, basic education, vocational training for the benefit of children, sanitation and women’s development programmes are undertaken in developing countries.
(ii) These programmes include providing balanced food and protective food like milk, meat, fish etc.
(iii) Training and orientation of national personnel including health and salutation workers, teachers, nutritionists and child welfare specialists.
(iv) Technical supplies, equiptments and other aids ranging from paper for text books and equipments and medicines for health to pipes and pumps for bringing clean water to villages are delivered.
(v) Basic social services are provided for children in developing countries like campaigns against endemic diseases and preventable diseases and malnutrition have been carried on. Emergency help is provided to victims of floods, earthquakes drought or other diseases.
(vi) Interests of women and facilities for pregnant women are provided. Conventions for suppression of traffic in women and children, crime prevention etc. are supported.

Concept: Major Agencies of the United Nations- UNICEF, WHO and UNESCO
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 History and Civics
Chapter 22 The United Nations (Major Agencies – Their Functions)
Long Questions | Q 4
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