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What Are the Main Causes of Water Pollution ? How Can It Be Controlled ? - Chemistry

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What are the main causes of water pollution ? How can it be controlled ?

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Main causes of water pollution are:

  • Chemical waste, industrial waste and agricultural processes.
  • Thermal waste from nuclear and thermal power plants.
  • Sewage and garbage.

Prevention of water pollution:

  • Domestic sewage should be treated before being discharged into rivers.
  • Using of non-biodegradable substances like detergents should be stopped.
  • Trees and plants must be planted along the banks of rivers.
  • Purification of water bodies should be carried out.
  • The waste products of industries should be treated before they are discharged into rivers.
Concept: Water, Our Lifeline
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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 8 Water
Exercise III | Q 4 | Page 121
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