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What Are Its Causes and How Can Water Pollution Be Controlled ? - Chemistry

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What are its causes and how can water pollution be controlled ?

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Causes of water pollution:

  • Industrial and agricultural processes— Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals used in cultivated fields, get dissolved in water when it flows over these fields. They make the water unfit for consumption.
  • Nuclear and thermal power plants— Power plants discharge the hot water often containing chemicals into water streams. It is harmful for aquatic life.
  • The discharge of sewage and garbage— The discharge of sewage and garbage into river water is one of the major causes of water pollution.

Prevention of water pollution—

  • Make people aware of pollution.
  • Make sanitary facilities available is rural areas and city slums.
  • Domestic sewage should be treated before being discharged into rivers.
  • The solid matter separated from sewage can be used to generate biogas.
  • The waste products of industries should be treated before they are discharged into rivers and other water bodies.
  • We should stop using substances like detergents, pesticides, polythene etc.
Concept: Water, Our Lifeline
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