What Are Hormones? - Chemistry

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What are hormones?

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a) Hormones are the chemicals secreted by the ductless glands (endocrine glands) and
transported by the blood stream, to different parts of the body where they control
different physiological actions of the body.

b) The blood provides the required chemicals in the form of raw materials for secretion of
hormones and also act as a vehicle for transport of hormones to reach the specific
organs of the body

c) The parts of the body organs where hormones are produced are called effectors and
where they act on cells are called targets

d)Hormones are easily diffusible, have low molecular weight and affect biological processes

e) Hormones are normally derived from amino acid derivatives or peptides and proteins or

eg. Thyroxine, Insulin, Androgens, Estrogens and Progesterone.

Concept: Proteins - Structure, Classification and Functions
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