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What Are the Health Effect of Noise Pollution ? - Environmental Studies

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Answer in Brief

What are the health effect of noise pollution ?

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Effects of noise pollution:

  • Noise pollution does not only affect hearing capabilities on humans but also can cause various other health disorders and so effects of noise pollution can be classified into:
  • Auditory effects: Exposure to high intensity sound for short duration can cause temporary deafness and continuous exposure to high intensity noise will lead to irreversible hearing loss or permanent deafness.
  • Non-auditory effects: The other effects of noise pollution in humans include physiological disorders like anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc., loss of working efficiency due to poor concentration and reduced ability to think, annoyance due to noisy surroundings. Some effects on wildlife due to loud noise include an increase in rate of mortality as a result of interference in the predator – prey detection and avoidance, disturbances in sound communication and navigation of species like whales and dolphins, migratory birds, health deterioration of many animals due to continued exposure to high intensity noise. Sometimes buildings and materials may get damaged by exposure to infrasonic / ultrasonic waves and may even get collapsed.
Concept: Sources, Effects of Noise Pollution
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