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What Are the Generic Skills Needed by All Psychologists? - Psychology

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Answer in Brief

What are the generic skills needed by all psychologists?

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The list of generic skills needed by all psychologists are :-

1. Interpersonal Skills :- ability to listen and be empathic, to develop respect for/interest in others cultures, experiences, values, points of view, goals and desires, fears, openness to receive feedback, etc. These skills are expressed verbally and/or non-verbally.

2. Cognitive Skills :- ability to solve problems, engage in critical thinking and organised reasoning, and having intellectual curiosity and flexibility.

3. Affective Skills :- emotional control and balance, tolerance/understanding of interpersonal conflict, tolerance of ambiguity and uncertainty.

4. Personality/Attitude :- desire to help others, openness to new ideas, honesty/integrity/value ethical behaviour, personal courage.

5. Expressive Skills :- ability to communicate one’s ideas, feelings and information in verbal, non-verbal, and written forms.

6. Reflective Skills :- ability to examine and consider one’s own motives, attitudes, behaviours and ability to be sensitive to one’s own behaviour or others.

7. Personal Skills :- personal organisation, personal hygiene, time management, and appropriate dress.

Concept: Developing as an Effective Psychologist
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology
Chapter 9 Developing Psychological Skills
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 194
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