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What Are the Factors Affecting the Rate of Diffusion - Biology

What are the factors affecting the rate of diffusion?

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Solution 1

Factors affecting the rate of diffusion are :

Density – Rate of diffusion of a substance is inversely proportional to square root of its relative density (Graham’s Law).

Permeability of medium – Rate of diffusion decreases with density of the medium.

Temperature – A rise in temperature increases the rate of diffusion with Q10 = 1.2 -1.3. Because of it sugar crystals do not dissolve easily in ice cold water while they do so easily in warm water.

Diffusion pressure gradient – Rate of diffusion is directly proportional to the difference of diffusion pressure at the two ends of a system and inversely proportional to the distance between the two.

Solution 2

Diffusion is the passive movement of substances from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. Diffusion of substances plays an important role in cellular transport in plants. Rate of diffusion is affected by concentration gradient, membrane permeability, temperature, and pressure. Diffusion takes place as long as there is a difference between the concentrations of a substance across a barrier. However, diffusion stops, when the concentrations of the substance on either side of the barrier become equal. The permeability of a membrane affects the rate of diffusion. Diffusion rate increases as membrane permeability increases. Changes in temperature and pressure values also affect the diffusion of substances. Pressure plays an important role in the diffusion of gases as gases diffuse from a region of higher partial pressure to a region of lower partial pressure.

Concept: Means of Transport - Diffusion
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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 11 Transport in Plants
Q 1 | Page 193
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