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What Are the Different Techniques to Synthesise Nanomaterial? Explain One of Them in Detail. - Applied Physics 2

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Short Note

What are the different techniques to synthesise nanomaterial? Explain one of them in detail.

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Various techniques are adopted for the synthesise of nanomaterial that too in various forms like nanoparticle, nanopowder, nanocrystals, nanofilms, nanowires, nanotubes, nanodots.
These methods include:
1. Ball milling
2. Sputtering
3. Vapour deposition
4. Sol gel technique
5. Electro deposition
6. Mechanical crushing or ball milling 

7. Laser synthesis
8. Internal gas condensation. Vapour deposition:
1. This method is used to prepare nanopowder.
2. In this technique initially the material is heated to form a solid surface under vacuum condition which forms nanopowder on the surface of the solid.

Concept: Nano Materials - Methods to Synthesize Nanomaterials
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