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What Are the Different Roles Played by a Salesperson? - CBSE (Commerce) Class 12 - Entrepreneurship

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What are the different roles played by a salesperson?


A salesperson plays three different roles:

  1. Be persuasive: Salesmen have to persuade the customers to purchase the commodity. This effort is expected to be sincere. It may involve various aspects like clearing the queries of the customers, providing credit facilities, etc.
  2. A service provider: All the services related to the product are to be facilitated by the sales person. These services are related to various aspects like maintenance, repair, operation, etc.
  3. Be informative: Salesperson have to provide genuine information to the potential customers. Use of unfair information to the customers is not desired and not expected from the salesperson.
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 CBSE Solution for Class 12 Entrepreneurship textbook (2019 to Current)
Chapter 3: Enterprise Marketing
Short Answers (exceed 75 words) | Q: 6 | Page no. 139
Solution What Are the Different Roles Played by a Salesperson? Concept: 4p’S of Marketing - Promotion.
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