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What Are Composting ? Explain Its Process - Biology

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What are Composting ? Explain its Process

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Composting is an effective way of disposing of wet garbage from households and biomass wastes from gardens.
The processes involves in composting are :

  • Vegetable peels, fruit peels, food-scraps, twigs, dry leaves, grass clippings can be dumped into a pit or a big bin.
  • Then soil is spread over this pile.
  • Earthworms can be introduced into the compost pit to decompose the organic matter which enrich the compost. This method is called vermi-composting.
  • The soil microbes break down the organic matter.
  • The compost obtained is rich organic manure for the plants in the garden.
Concept: Domestic Waste
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Frank Class 9 Biology ICSE
Chapter 23 Safe Disposal of Wastes
Exercise | Q 4 | Page 212
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