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What Are Comparative Financial Statements? - Accountancy

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Short Note

What are Comparative Financial Statements?

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Those financial statements that enable intra-firm and inter-firm comparisons of financial statements over a period of time are called Comparative Financial Statements. In other words, these statements help the accounting users to evaluate and assess the financial progress in the relative terms. These statements express the absolute figures, absolute change and the percentage change in the financial items over a period of time. Comparative Financial Statements present the financial data in such a manner that is easily understandable and can be analysed without any ambiguity. If the accounting policies and practices for the treatment of the items are same over the period of study, only then the Comparative Financial Statements enable meaningful comparisons.

The following are the two Comparative Financial Statements that are commonly prepared:

1. Comparative Balance Sheet

2. Comparative Income Statements

Concept: Tools of Analysis of Financial Statements
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NCERT Class 12 Accountancy - Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 4 Analysis of Financial Statements
Short Answer Questions | Q 5 | Page 184
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