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What Are the Changes Seen in Girls at the Time of Puberty? - Science

What are the changes seen in girls at the time of puberty?

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Solution 1

The changes seen in girls at the time of puberty are:

  •  Increase in breast size and darkening of skin of the nipples present at the tips of the breasts.
  • Appearance of hair in the genital area. Appearance of hair in other areas of skin like underarms, face, hands, and legs.
  • Increase in the size of uterus and ovary.
  • Beginning of menstrual cycle.
  • More secretion of oil from the skin, which results in the appearance of pimples.

Solution 2

Girls at puberty develop hair in their armpits and around the pubic region. The mammary glands develop and become large. The hips get broadened and extra fat gets deposited on various parts of the body. The ovaries start releasing eggs; the vagina enlarges and menstruation starts.

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